Should the Heavens Part.

Febre 53rd 2462

Yesterday in the early morning we were set upon by a band of Anshari. They move through the trees more silently than the wind. Had we been less relaxed in our behaviour we could have resisted but we were overtaken and stripped of our weapons. Barus one of the mercenary guards in my expedition was trained to communicate in the Anshari tongue as part of his training back in his days as a regular in the the War of the Homeland Safeguard. He was able to interpret for us that we had encroached on their tribe’s domain and that our presence would not be tolerated. Because we were caught unsuspecting and had not raise an arm in defence Barus has been able to convince them of our innocent intentions. We were blindfold and guided across their territory, our hands were kept bound as we slept that night. They certainly feared us escaping and taking them in the night.



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