Should the Heavens Part.

The 52nd of Febre 2462

We left Pampal this morning perhaps overstaying our welcome. Though our arrival had been fine it did not aid our cause that Leorne our cook and carpenter (perhaps more carpenter than cook) got himself into a dispute over the representation of the Celestial Lords. Standard doctrine has it that the Divinities be sculpted of stone to act as channels for the prayers of the faithful. When Leorne discovered that the Pampalites adhere to a doctrine of iconoclasm he grew insulted by the notion that he be considered an idol worshipper. We should not have brought with us such a devout evangelist even if there is none more skilled in the working of wood. It is only because we dragged him from the social hall that a fight was avoided. We left Pampal with haste, no friends were made this day.



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