Should the Heavens Part.

The 55th of Febre 2462

The Ansahri are a strange people, humanoid in form one could almost say that they are of our kindred, yet something in their way betrays a wilder heritage. Barus tells me that each of their fingers is crowned with a razor like claw that is equally effective as sharpened steel. This gives the Anshari a natural advantage over our human soldiers. Furthermore the Anshari is lean and athletic even in age with lightning fast reflexes, one would say hey have a feline grace about them. We were led through the day until nearing the early evening we came came to a clearing where our blind folds were removed and our limbs unbound. Bartus was told that our weapons would be found at 200 metres from this spot in a bundle tied. Our captors left silently and unseen. We found our equipment and set up camp as the night would soon be upon us.



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