Should the Heavens Part.

The 56th of Febre 2462

We found our way to a Creek running eastward and by late morning we were following it , confident that it would lead us to the Crystal Sea. Not long after we were set upon once again by the Anshari. My companions would not be made to walk blindfolded for two days again and they instead drew their weapons ready to fight. The Anshari approached surprisingly without weapons. Their Princess La’litIm came before asking that we lend the aid of the one we called Doctor Saorn. It seems that their chieftain has fallen ill beyond the healing power of their herbalists or shaman and they came to seek the aid of our medicine. In exchange they offered to guide us across beyond the borders of their land, give us supplies and indicate to us a source of the terribly valuable mineral Orin that so many seek. Their offer could not be declined and because they did not attack us during our last encounter I have a certain degree of faith in these people. Also Doctor Saorn desires to learn more of these peoples natural medicines. It was decided and we set off for their village with the condition that our eyes be kept uncovered, the whole time struggling to keep pace with the quick strides of the Ansahri.



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