Prince Maaron Delkur

A spoiled rich noble exiled from the Empire of Golden fields


For years the prince Maaron was in charge of running [[his families estate]] in the south west plains of the [[Golden Empire]]. His younger years were spent in the care of guardians and nobles who instilled him with the pride of the Kaloan people. When Maaron came of age his mother gave the responsibility of ruling the family estate. The selfish prince had little concern for the people of his realm, indeed he may be among the worst rulers to ever have governed his lands. Taxes in the realm doubled in the span of years, employment decreased and the people became generally miserable. The prince spent his days with fancies unsuitable to a noble of the Golden Empire. He enjoys luxuries, wine, fine clothes, art, jewelry and other excesses.

In 12….. the Princes life suddenly changed when an envoy from his uncle …... arrived in the realm with notice that he was to be escorted from the realm. The prince was furious and proved a true challenge for his guardian Jaret of Olysis. As they travelled through the city of Merisport the prince Maaron was kidnapped and ransomed to the royals of The Golden Empire. Jaret assisted by the thief [[Temir Yane]] succeeded in freeing the prince. The three of them succeeded in escaping upon the [[Lastalak]] , a merchant ship heading to the southern realms.

Prince Maaron Delkur

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