Languages of Tosrael

A formidable review of the linguistic families of Tosrael: by Sage Temer Obertlin

The Tongues of Mann

kofy = cofee liife = life ai lyf = leaf i mari = marie i lift = lift I

Vampyre = i

Lexic BE = To be IBA= I will be EBA= You will be EB = they, he, she shall be, will be

Of the Elhadar

Ils un alb -a ril -nui se lin me In blood my world soul 0 does it air flow “In my blood the soul of the world flows like the air”

Ils= in alb = blood -a = my ril = world nui = soul se = it does lin = air me = flow present

Languages of Tosrael

Should the Heavens Part. draekan