The peoples of Tosrae

An account by Frezri KandaLin, chief biblioteker of his glorious royal Lord, Tamirae Utildvus IIV.

I have been beseeched by our lord to collect in one place the knowledge of our people pertaining to the OTHERS, and I mean by this those people who lack the descendence of our righteous noble blood and therefor though not to sound vain cannot truly be called our brothers, but who populate the lands of our righteous empire. This treatise would be incomplete without mention of the barbarians who inhabit the fringes of civilization, and of the Mahktal that drive rurals into isolation and that cost our imperial coffers so dearly -how they should learn to deal with their own problems without calling for the help of silver seeking sell-swords, by the love of Mafiies they do bring but trouble to our streets and our taverns!

I should start by speaking of our own glorious history, though we will ignore what may have come before our noble and virtuous [king Dariel], for it is only from that moment that our people was given to the light of ingenuity and expansion. It was our ancestors who returned civility to the beings of the plane, and for this we are also responsible for the maintenance of civilization. We are a knowledgeable people faithful and strong and so it must be for the gods sat among us and guided our horses and our spears -I could tell of this for days but I fear that I digress from the purpose of this document.

Yes we are not alone, in fact we are surrounded by OTHERS and for this we must keep our blades sharp and our minds ready. To the east across the dales lay the petty realms of the Rothan Barons. There was a time when these mislead people followed the true path set forward by the divines but the have since fallen from such grace. Roth is in fact a land lacking order. They have been without king since their sovereign ran away, but the people await for someone to reunite the lands. The people proudly declare themselves the Protectorate of the Lion, I have yet to decipher the meaning of this absurdity, which supposedly comes from the historical belief that the land was once plagued by the feral lions of Castalon, that is until their hero smote the direst of the beast sand tamed the others swearing to protect them should they cohabit along side man. It should be noted that the Rothans have living among there own a sizeable population of blood passed down from the shadowy Silvayne that inhabit Everwilde, these children are said to be born with an other worldy charm, though many are tragically visited by the fae and mourned as dead for they are never seen again1.

The inhabitants of the Dales are a passive people who seem to forget the extreme callings of mankind, it is as though the present satisfied them for they do not seek glory as they should. The demography is primarily one of small villages with the occasional town along the trade routs. In recent years however a couple of port towns have matured into flourishing cities trading in many goods, I should say that these communities would make fine additions to the Imperial Union of Faithful Realms.

_We arrive upon the shamed inhabitants of Toras, who fled from our glorious nation over three hundred years ago in shame for there blasphemies. The Tarasir a part of a nation of heretics. There leaders ran from the divines so many years ago for they knew that the holies could see the unfaithfulness that plagued there souls. There leaders condemned our truthful faith and fooled our poor brothers to deny the very divines that have given us existence. The most feared among them are called Reasoners for they are tasked to burn reason into the soul of those who do not apply there corrupted theologies and practice non belief, the irony is that the Reasoners cannot be reasoned with though it should seem apparent to any student of philosophy that We were created, and so too Creators must be2._

In the far west between the sea of amoth and the wall lay the plains that are home to the Horselords of Kolda. They are men more primitive than us as can be seen by their unruly customs and their willingness to sell their services to the highest bidder. It is true however that they have much talent in the saddle, rumours say that they can ride standing on their horses -this are rumours of course and it is certain that when dismounted these quasi-barbarians stand no chance against the Imperial battalions. It is said that the Horselords have a golden metropolis in the northern reaches of their realm and that gold and golden crops are plentiful.

Across the north sea lie the valleys of the HiLderland, this is a backwater land and the inhabitants are of little interest, though the occasional migration of the Ta Goblai tribes has had these people raise there weapons in defence more than once. When it is not the Vertish from across the wall attacking the Hilderlanders msut defend aginst attacks by the Coalo who come down from the icy mountains every spring to raid and steal supplies and weapons.

The Coalo are a barbaric gang of men cruel and ugly, for they wear there hair unkempt and their skin is never rubbed. The best advice would be to not mingle with these barbarians.

In contrast to the Coalo, who are known for there cruelty, the Jorsan Mountiasn men of the southern reaches live in peace with there neighbouring nations. What is strange is that the mountain men seem to have only appeared after the fall of Orja, the south kingdom, and the defeat of oblivions soldiers. The mountains are the home of these reclusive men. There most remarkable trait is the sheer size, the average male averages 7 feet tall whilst the average female averages 6’5, some warriors among them have been known to attain the 8-9 foot mark. Surely these are men from out of this world.

Velshad is the metropolis on the Kilaen peninsula It is home to the Ajmrak, students of the ethers and manipulators of the Holy Laws of the Divine. O yes from here hail many of the worlds most feared villains, men and women condemned for there meddling with the power of the gods. The Ajmak are indeed colonizing us setting up cabals in many of our imperial cities, yet nothing is done about this -even now they teach their religion to our citizens. The Ajmak have long maintained the repect of the Koldan Princes the bravest among them even serve as the personal guard of the High Seer. There is dispute in the empire as to how best react to the growing Ajmira presence. Home citizens fully encourage their presence, claiming that through the power s of the adepts we will gain access to the gods, others however despise there presence and openly criticize the emperors lack of firmer judgement in the affair.

It is said that among us hidden along side our brothers walk the spirits of the great divine. [Anjael] and [Drurii], There bodies resemble ours though they are said to shed a divine beauty, those that claim there existence also claim that these beings bear mighty wings, some feathered others are writhing tinsels of light. There reason for living among us I cannot say, perhaps they are exiles from there realm, perhaps they are here to destroy us from within. The most positive hypothesis is that tehy are here to guide our race to it’s ultimate and glorious destiny.

The peoples of Tosrae

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