world building exercises

This is an exercise that was presented on the Podcast Shakespeare & Dragons, and is meant to help flesh out the worlds economy, I am going to try using it on several characters.

Alban Koriwe is sitting in the watering house in the district of falence in Kartuvae. He has ordered an ale and a plate of Qualmari. He has on the table before him wrapped in rucksack a rune inscribed sword that he pulled from the stomach of the world. In doing so he suffered a gash on his left thigh that was caused when he hooked himself on a metal claw that protruded from the ancient temple. A beautiful maiden in a light blue fall dress is tending to his wound with a pasty light grey salve that helps to purify and seal the wound. It is evening and the outdoor patio is light with torches made of fabric soaked in plant or animal oils. He wears a leather jerkin with a ringmail jupet, a dark green cloak is worn over his shoulders.

Ale is made in the regional breweries of the north, these are often located outside of major centres often surrounded by the hop farms that provide the necessary grain to produce them. The hops are cultivated with hows and shovels and rakes taht are often made in the local villages. The wood for the instrument is taken from the many forest of the area, and the metal, iron is extracted from the earth in the Teitfur mines in the western hills. The farmers boots and those of Alban are made from the hides of the local animals hunted or occasionally from a cow or bull that has been butchered for meat.

The Qualmari are not too common in this area though they are much appreciated. They are found in isolated pockets of the south sea and occasional in the waters of the bowl. Fishermen leave in large wooden vessels to capture this sea creature. The ships are made of wood found in the the southlands, allthough the trees of the emerald forest are of superior quality, accquiring this wood is dangerous however because of the beastment who inhabit it and the retribution that can be brought upon loggers by Elhadran Glade Sentinals. The Qualamri hunters use nets and spears to capture there prey, the nets are made from hemp fibers. Hemp is easily grown throughout the southlands and much of The Golden Empire. The fibers called bast are then woven in villages and manors across the southlands and are sold in the larger centres. Once the Qualmari are captured they are brought to land and prepared for dinners, some traders however find that they can earn a very interesting price if they transport the Qualmari fresh in a water filled wooden barrel. The journey however is long, but there are many well off nobles and aristocrats who are willing to pay well for fresh meat of the sea.

The merchant wagons that carry supplies are made from the wood of the southern forests and held together with iron mined most often in southern Sina. The merchants during there travels eat in feeding holes along the way and when they must night in the wilderness they often feed on dry cheeses, carrots, bread and beats.

The rucksack that Adan carries is made of hemp though cotton grown in the Sinaen Peninsula is more popular in those parts. The sword he carries is the Thorne of Rand a mighty hero from the time of the high king. It is said to have been forged by the breath of a captive Drake, and cooled in the cool stream of the mountains. It’s hilt is made of dark wood and wrapped in elk hide, the iron was extracted from..

world building exercises

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